Email Personalization to Boost your Conversion Rates

Recently the technology to personalize e-commerce content has become smarter and more accessible, especially with email. The time has come to move ahead of the basics and put the right content to the right audience.

Conventional retail stores held the dominating advantage of providing customers with appropriate attention through sales or personal shoppers. Until the recent technological development, online stores lacked the personal touch of the retail stores. Today’s technology has made personalization easy to implement and scalable for e-commerce websites.

Broadcasting general messages have become old fashioned. The modern world demands personalized content with customized shopping experience for every individual to have more benefits from online stores than retail stores. An e-commerce brand needs specialized stand out content to survive the rising competition.

Although e-commerce websites and stores have the resources for personalized marketing techniques, they seem to be overlooking the idea of customized content broadcast as soon as the shopper visits the website. The majority of online stores use personalized content to lure in customers, only to offer a generalized experience every time. If brands focused on creating a practical personalized user experience all the way for the customer\’s shopping endeavor, brands would have better customer engagement, satisfied customers, and observe a higher conversion rate.

1. Script Editor uses line items, shipping, and payment scripts and allows you to implement custom logic and personalize the user experience during the customer\’s checkout procedure.
2. Nosto is an AI-powered personalization solution that provides a personalized shopping experience for customers at every checkpoint.
3. Direct Edge is a personalized product recommender that is extremely easy with quick configuration and customizability options.
4. Fresh relevance is a platform that takes marketing and creativity and integrates it with smart technology to improve the personalized customer experience and increase conversion rates.
5. Dotdigital Engagement Cloud is a single channel marketing platform that helps convert customer information and feedbacks into personalized marketing threads. This increases customer engagement and increases revenue through emails, SMS, social media, Push, and the web.

Adding a personal touch to email marketing content helps customers feel appreciated and increases conversion rates. Moreover, this increases the overall customer experience on your app or website.
Brands looking to improve their email marketing tactics should send specific messages to customers depending on their shopping habits and preferences. These types of messages resonate better with customers and help to engage the target audience. Your email list contains different types of subscribers, lapsed customers, prospects, and repetitive customers. Prospects are customers who did not order yet, but have a cart full of products and waiting on product updates or better shopping sales offers. It is essential to customize your email accordingly for these groups of customers.

A proper beginning for personalized emails is to identify an existing customer\’s unique requirements against a potential customer- someone who has signed up for offers and updates but not engaged in any transaction. Using survey forms is one of the best ways to understand all types of customers\’ shopping requirements. Survey Monkey, TypeForm, and Dotdigital Engagement cloud are tools that enable you to perform a survey for customers.

When you have successfully managed to collect all necessary data, divide the customers into their respective categories, you can figure out which type of customer serves as the highest advantage for your brand. Sometimes it is also wise to filter customers according to their needs. Customers can also be segmented using link grouping, where you study all the types of links the customer has clicked on and then provide relevant content for the customer to initiate a transaction.
The final step in the process is to customize your email to fit the customers\’ needs and find the optimal criteria to suit your brand performance. Things like building personalized campaigns and customizing the email body according to the customer\’s preferences are the basics of personalized email marketing.

In the not so distant future, e-commerce brands have all the resources to dominate the retail store experience with a personalized experience for customers. Any online store has started to realize that personalized experiences for customers are the way to improve customer engagement on the website and increase conversion rates to strengthen the business.

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