Shopify API  – The Most Waited Update of 2022

Welcome to the 2022 release of our API highlights roundup, intended to assist you with understanding how you can embrace every one of the most distant down-the-line changes to work on the quality of your applications and smooth out your improvement experience.

This version incorporates further developed items sifting through the storefront API, the all-new product taxonomy API, and new Meta field definitions on varieties, clients, and orders. This version also incorporates a request receipt API, new mistake codes for mass changes, and worked on strategies for getting adaptable assets, including images, and scanner tags.

1. Client Segmentation

Client Segments are another element that is replacing Customer Saved Searches. Before, Customer Saved Searches were just considered a free-text look across clients. This implies that a search for “Madison” could yield clients named Madison, individuals who live in Madison, Wisconsin, or individuals who have a location on Madison Ave.

2. Item Taxonomy

Standard Product types sent off as a piece of the 2022-01 delivery, assist with putting away proprietors keep their items coordinated on the storefront. As of the 2022-04 delivery, an API is accessible to get data on pretty much all of the standard item types that Shopify upholds.

3. Satisfaction Time and Delivery Time

Three new fields are presently accessible through the API to assist with understanding the satisfaction and delivery assumptions for satisfaction orders made through marketplaces. These fields are particularly significant for commercial centers that have a conveyance ensure.

The three new fields that are accessible on fulfillment orders are:

  • Min Delivery Date Time: This is the earliest date and time by which the conveyance is supposed to be finished.
  • Max Delivery Date Time: This is the most recent data and time by which the conveyance is supposed to be finished.
  • Fulfill: This is the most recent data and time by which the storekeeper ought to satisfy all things in the satisfaction request to comply with the conveyance time conditions for the request.

4. Application Subscription and Billing Discounts

As of the 2022-04 version, you can utilize the refund field as a piece of the app Subscription Create change to offer a membership markdown for repeating charges. These limits can be rate-based or a level sum limited by the membership cost.

5. Storefront API Cart Update

Cart Delivery Groups permit apps utilizing the Storefront API to surface data about delivery choices for at least one detail to a particular location without any problem. Up to a client is signed in, you’ll have the option to get data about qualified delivery choices right from the cart.


For all Shopify platform changes, try to buy into the designer changelog, the essential source of data for all new item dispatches. Keep awake to date utilizing the changelog, and remain ahead by taking on new features when they’re sent into the upcoming 2022-07 delivery applicant.

Are you looking to update your Shopify API webhook version to the latest version? Feel free to reach out to hello@tripsterdevelopers and one of our developers will help you update your Shopify store Private Apps Webhooks to the latest versions.

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