The Ultimate Guide to Shipping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

It’s almost October and with Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s undeniable that Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have no time left. The biggest sale of the year and you have thousands of packages to be shipped, where do you start? How do you avoid getting a name or address wrong? How do you deliver in time? Moreover, how do you pack in time for shipping without errors?
  • To answer this, let’s begin from the basics, making a list of steps that need to be followed and time consumption, this might help channelize thing and saving an extra minute off every package will give you some extra time. From reviewing your order, arranging them and getting the right size of packaging, it might take you almost 6-7 minutes, if you save 30 seconds on an order, it might fuel up your packaging.
  • You can always buy and print shipping labels in larger quantities, well in advance. This would help streamline the process. This will save your time that’s taken by printing shipping labels every time you have a packaging to be done.
  • How disheartening will be it be if you’re trying so hard to get all the packages ready and you realize that you don’t have a physical item missing, you can’t afford a delay just because you’re out of tape. You can save time by buying all the supplies before you start with the sale. A little presence of mind and your works done. Be well stocked with supplies this BFCM.
  • Shipping charges and delivery timings are one of the greatest concerns of shoppers, this loses you a lot of deals. Make sure you’ve communicated the shipping charges well in advance. One should be familiar with how much the shipping charge can be and what offers do you have, before the sale to save you deals.
  • The unboxing experience is another important part in the shipping process, you’re customers unboxing experiences also states your credibility. You can always ask for ratings or reviews on social media for that helps you keep a track and is advertisement in itself. One would definitely see reviews before ordering something. A happy customer makes for a growing business.
  • There’s this thing about personalized things, they make you feel special. A hand written Thank you note or giving people a chance to be able to write their own regards while sending a present to a loved one might actually help you get in the good books. These aren’t out of the box ideas but small details always work for great deals.
  • One of the most important things is knowing your popular, i.e., what sells the most at your site.
  • Last but not the least, social media promotions are a handful. Those popups actually do wonders. Most of the customers are curious people who took a small break while surfing the net for some research paper and end up ordering thing. Advertisement and actually the right advertisement are a boost to your business. So, ready for BFCM? Good luck.
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