How to boost your e-commerce store with facebook marketing?

Why Facebook Is So Important For Marketing?

Marketing is one of the business aspects which has transformed dramatically in last one decade. With the proliferation of digital channels, the way we communicate, interact and perform different tasks has completely changed.

Today, most of us communicate with our friends and family through instant messaging apps, many of us even carry out official meetings through video conferencing tools, we shop online, we pay our bills online and much more. So, this paradigm shift has rendered the old and traditional ways of marketing ineffective.

Now, in the current digital age, if any, business wants to target its customers and propagate some message, it is bound to use the digital channels, else, the message will not reach as many people as the business wants. Out of all the vital channels which are being leveraged by digital marketers to promote the products and services is \”Facebook\”.

Facebook Is a Vital Digital Marketing Channel

A high percentage of people use Facebook to stay connected with their friends and families. With approx. 400 million users, Facebook is one of the best channels to reach your target audiences. A brand that leverages Facebook for marketing purposes can propagate its message to millions of existing and potential customers.

As per a recent survey, an average user on Facebook spend around \”55 minutes\” a day.

Facebook Enables Businesses To Listen To Their Customers

Most people believe that an effective marketing channel is the one that gives you maximum reach, but, in reality, to be efficacious a marketing channel should not just offer a wider reach but should also enable you to understand the perspective of the potential customers.

Through Facebook, one can listen to what their customers are talking about. One can collect the actual feedback about a brand or a product (in-specific) from the customers and can use it to improve their offerings.

Facebook Allows You To Interact With Your Customers

Facebook is one of the platforms that can be leveraged by the businesses to interact with its customers. Through Facebook business pages, you can directly talk to your customers, understand their perspective and find out what they like about your products/services and what they don\’t.

Facebook is a unique platform that lets businesses learn more about their customers. When you know about your customers, you an offer improved and personalized services that enable you to achieve a higher ROI.

Facebook Offers Better Recognition To A Brand

Facebook is one of the inimitable digital channels that let a business share pictures, offers, promotions and videos with its target customers. The more you promote your brand on a channel like Facebook, the more people will know about it.

It\’s a great way to make your brand familiar with the targeted audiences and statistics show that the customers who indulge with the brands on Facebook are more likely to purchase from the same brands. When a targeted customers associate with your Facebook page, they will be more likely to become to try the products\’ of the brand.

In short, Facebook gives your brand a better recognition, a digital platform to propagate the messages, an inimitable channel to promote your products and a unique way to interact with your existing & potential customers while enabling you to observe the customer behavior, derive useful insights and take informed business decisions. That\’s why, its vital to use Facebook as one of the marketing tools.

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