How can i improve the UX of your E-Commerce Store in 3 simple steps ?

UX (User Experience) is one of the most important aspects of the eCommerce stores and plays a significant role in making an eCommerce store popular among users. Despite of its importance, UX is often undervalued and usually, is an underinvested component.

What Is UX?

UX significantly affects the store visitors, potential customers, your profits and above all, your store’s popularity and acceptance among its customers.

In simple terms, UX can be understood as the overall experience that a visitor gets, when s/he visit your store, right from the beginning to the end. Generally, it is evaluated from the aspects like how easy it is to navigate in the store, how enjoyable the experience for a potential customer is, how easily the potential customers are able to find the products they are looking for, whether they find it worth spending time on your eCommerce store, how easy it is to add or remove products from the cart or wish list, and finally, how simple is the checkout process. All these factors are taken into account while evaluating the user experience for a particular eCommerce store.

An eCommerce website with world-class UX is likely to attract more visitors, have more sales and convert more visitors into customers. UX directly impacts the ROI of an eCommerce store, and that’s why it\’s important to take it focus on UX while designing a store.

How To Improve the UX of your eCommerce Store?

If you also want to improve your UX, but, don’t know where to start from, then here is a brief guide that will help you enhance your eCommerce store’s UX and deliver outstanding browsing experience to your customers.

1. Improve the way your present products on the site

eCommerce stores offer a myriad of benefits over the traditional “brick & mortar” stores, but, one of the biggest disadvantages is that customers cannot check the products physically. This is why, a lot of emphasis should be given on how products are presented in the store so that customers don’t feel the need of physically holding the product in their hand.

Improve your product pictures, try to incorporate pictures from every angle, and write a detailed product description which possesses the answer to every question that the customer might have about the product, its usage, durability and benefits.

2. Equip your online store with intuitive navigation

If your website visitors are able to do all those things on the site which they want to do without much interruption or effort, your site is intuitive.

Intuitiveness is one of the most vital aspects of the overall user experience, and if you can deliver intuitive navigation, you can be sure that you have succeeded in delivering outstanding UX to a great extent. Thus, if your site is not intuitive, it is the right time to make it one.

3. Mobile UX is different than desktop UX

Most often, we make a big mistake by assuming that the UX, which is fit for mobile stores can work appropriately for your store’s desktop version as well. But, it isn’t true.

So, if your store delivers an excellent UX on the desktop site, it does not imply that it will deliver the same on the mobile version of your store as well.

It\’s important to comprehend that how the mobile and desktop stores differ, and which elements of UX work well on each store.

As per the experts, 78% of mobile sites perform poorly and one of the reasons is that there UX is not designed properly. These days, over 70% of customers prefer using mobile stores and thus, it\’s important to cater to the needs of this major section of potential customers.

Give attention to the aforementioned factors and you will find the best ways to improve the UX of your eCommerce stores considerably.

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