Introducing shopify checkout on your own domain

Shopify Introduces Checkout On Your Own Domain

Shopify is one of the best and vast eCommerce platforms which allow the individual merchants and brands to set up their stores and sell their goods to the global audiences. While Shopify is used by thousands of merchants, and they enjoy the myriad of features offered by Shopify to extend their reach and cater their customers, but, one point which most merchants always disliked about Shopify is that during the checkout, the customers could only checkout through Shopify and not the individual domains of the merchants. The biggest disadvantage of this was the effect that it exhibited on the SEO rankings. Owning your domain is quite crucial for achieving and maintaining high SEO and Google rankings.

Shopify Introduces Domain Checkouts

To ensure that the merchants using Shopify don’t face any hassles or problems regarding the SEO rankings and other aspects related to check out, Shopify is introducing individual domain checkouts.

Planning to launch this feature shortly, Shopify aims to enhance the user experience for both, customers and merchants. Soon, the customers won’t be redirected to Once this feature is launched, the entire shopping experience for users will be on the merchant\’s own domain. The merchants will be able to use this feature from the end of July’ 2017

One of the main reasons behind introducing this feature was to give customers the confidence to press the “Buy” button and not develop a dilemma at the checkout.

What used to happen till now was customers browsed products on the merchant’s own domain, but, after adding them to the cart, when they used to finally head towards checkout, they were redirected to shopify’s checkout page

Due to this, sometimes customers used to abandon the shopping cart and leave the checkout page without purchase. Now, when they won’t be redirected to the Shopify, they will be able to trust the seller website better and this is expected to increase the number of successful checkouts.

A Custom Domain Indicates That Your Brand Is Credible

A custom domain is vital because it indicates that the brand from which people are purchasing products is credible and the merchant has an established business.

Now, when Shopify will enable the domain based checkouts, the customers will be able to see two names on the URL – one of the brands from which they are purchasing the products and the other name is Shopify.

All the Shopify stores get a URL “store-name or”, and now the checkout will also be done under the same URL. So, customers will get the double credibility,

one from the established brand name – Shopify and other from the name of the store from which they are actually making the purchase.

All Domain Checkouts Would Be Secure

Shopify will ensure that all the domain checkouts are highly secure and the credentials of the customers remain secure.

Shopify will provide a free SSL certificate to all the merchants and brands associated with it to ensure, that the security of the customers’ private and financial information does not get compromised.

This new step taken by Shopify is speculated to help it enhance the daily sales and increase their loyal customer base.

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